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Our company PATIP Ltd. specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of metal of target systems exclusively made of hardened steel (500HB).

Our products are mainly used by special police units, sports shooting clubs, civic associations dedicated to self-defense but also the general public shooting in Slovakia, the Czech Republicand Austria.

Targets and systems made by us are continuously improved, tested and consultedwith representatives of the armed forces, with the scientific community, sport shooters, so thatwe can react flexibly to the requirements specified in more detail by our customers and meetther individual needs.

If you are interested in our products, the catalog can be found in the Annex or you canlook up on our website.

The use of target systems in practice can be seen on our YouTube channel.

Why to choose our products?

► Universal and multiple use

► Can be used at all times and in all weather conditions.

► We offer unique target mechanisms with automatic reset or exposure to affected areas after each hit.

► Fragments of bullets can be captured by traps.

► Simple operation, maintenance and transportation.

► Highly resistant hardened steel with a hardness of 500 Brinell is used.

►· After the intervention of the target plate by a bullet, the bullet forward substantially all of its kinetic energy to the target and own plastic        deformation. Only the minimum residual energy is used to repel bullets from the target plate. To ensure managed trajectory of bullet reflection our targets are inclined at an angle so that the trajectory of the bullets went to the ground and thus prevent damage to the target and injury to the shooter. By controlling the trajectory of the bullet extends the life of our targets and the safety of their use. But everything, including our metal target can be damaged, especially by misuse. These adverse effects are minimized by using high quality materials and PATIP design itself.

► We offer a wide range of products that can be combined with each other very well.

► Our targets are designed for interventions by calibers from all short and longfirearms except .50 BMG and armor-piercing munition.

PATIP s.r.o. (Ltd.) is active in the production and sale of police, military and sports training aids since 2011, when it launched the first generation of test pieces. The production program consists of a full range of static and mechanical systems of target that can be combined with each other very well.

Since 2008 we have extensively mapped the range of equipment in Slovakia and abroad during shooting competitions according to the rules of IPSC shooting. We have led discussions with sports shooters, shooting ranges operators, members of the armed forces as well as weapons and ammunition dealers to find out how best to raise the level of equipment and especially the safety of products used on shooting ranges.

Hardened plates are machined to the final shape with the latest CNC technology by plasma burner to ensure maximum accuracy and high production quality standards. Currently two highly qualified engineers with years of experience in the design manufacture and development of projections and technical advice are working for the company.

We will be glad if you join a group of our satisfied customers.