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Určený pre krátke i dlhé strelné zbrane

Materiál: Konštrukčná oceľ + kalená oceľ s tvrdosťou 500 Brinell

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the swinging steel holder fixed on the shaft and stored in ball bearings is intended for holding two gongs with a hardness of 500 Brinell and a diameter of 200 mm
intended for short and long firearms
a light, easy-to-move target that is ideal for tactical training according to pre-created scenarios and for IPSC races
a target designed to reliably fulfill its function even in the demanding conditions of the army, police and sports.

Gongs swinger will make it possible to economically incorporate moving targets into the training process. Due to their swinging ability, they can simulate a disinterested curious person peeking out from behind the corner of an apartment block, or an attacker taking cover during a shooting.

The movement of the rocker is realized with the help of a counterweight. Gongs swinger can be activated by shooting down, opening the door, or pulling the rope… .

The time of effective swinging is approx. 2 min.

After the first gong is shot, the speed and nature of the swing will change.

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