E3 MULTISPRAY Univerzální Sprej 400 ml

E3 MULTISPRAY Univerzální Sprej 400 ml

27.10 s DPH / 22.58 bez DPH


Univerzální Sprej

400 ml

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Multispray S1 is a universal spray with the addition of formula E3 ORIGINAL, which can be used in many industries and service centers, where there is poorer access and there is friction between the metal parts of the device. Pressure spray is a great advantage when applied in the field, its use is clean, fast and easy. Due to its lower viscosity, excellent capillarity and thanks to the surface tension of capillary evolution, its application has proved successful even in otherwise hard-to-reach places of machinery. This multi-component universal spray facilitates mechanical work, penetrates very easily and thus ensures quality preservation. Therefore, the oxidation of the metal surface is practically zero.

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